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Reduce Stress in Your Life With a Life Coach

The longer I am in dentistry the more I see what effect stress plays
in our health! High stress leads to increased grinding and clenching
which can wear your teeth away years prematurely.  Stress can also be
a big factor in facial pain and TMD (TMJ) disorders involving the jaw
joint. High stress levels are also associated with weight gain which
in return can increase risk for obstructive sleep apnea. Helping
redefine priorities in your life and readjusting life’s obstacles by
working with someone can help you enormously.  Dr. Lydia Sosenko for Sherman Oaks Dental

I’ve asked guest blogger Lori Radun to point out the power of life coaching!

 How Life Coaching Will Help Reduce Your Stress Levels

Eight years ago, when I entered the field of life coaching, I had never heard of life coaches before.  Today, though the field has grown rapidly, I am still surprised by the number of individuals who still have not heard of life coaching, and the number of benefits they can experience by tapping into a well-trained and certified coach.

In this day and age, we are living in a fast-pasted world where it seems to be harder and harder to find time for ourselves.  When you work with a life coach, you are forced to slow down and give yourself and your life the time and attention that it needs.  Through his or her assistance, you begin to uncover what is truly important to you, what might be causing stress in your life, and what goals will bring purpose to your life.

There a number of significant life goals that life coaches work with clients on that help to dramatically reduce stress levels.  Here are just a few of those goals.

  1. Decluttering your life.  Now, when you think of decluttering you might think of all the physical stuff around your home or office, and that is certainly part of it.  However, decluttering your life pertains to getting rid of all the old thoughts, habits, patterns, relationships, and junk that is dragging your life down.  All of this zaps your valuable energy that you could be using for more productive activities.
  2. Balancing your life.  Do you feel stressed, tired, dissatisfied or stuck in a rut?  Chances are, your life is not balanced.  You could have too much on your plate, and need to cut back, or it is possible you are spending your time on the “wrong” activities.  When your thoughts, activities and choices are not aligned with who you are, what you value, and what you envision for your life, the result is stress.  A coach will help you sort that out and change it.
  3. Improve Your Relationships.  Our relationships can be our greatest source of joy, or our biggest cause for stress.  Life coaching can help you improve your relationship skills, whether it is communication, conflict resolution, parenting or character building skills.  Learn to make your relationships a priority by taking the action necessary for growth.
  4. Health.  Without our health, we have nothing.   A life coach can help you work out a health and wellness plan that works for your lifestyle.  She will help you understand why you sometimes sabotage your success, hold you accountable to your goals, and celebrate with you when you succeed.  Coaching will provide you with specific stress management techniques you can use to take care of your health.
  5. Fix your Finances.  Does money stress you out?  It does for a lot of people.  Working with a coach will help you to sort out your finances, set up a plan to get out of debt, make more money in your business, or simply organize a budget to spend and save more wisely.
  6. Get Organized.  Are you overwhelmed with disorganization in your life?  Perhaps you don’t know where to start.  A life coach will help you get started, get organized, and stay organized.

So many people say to themselves “I should be able to figure this out on my own.”  They are too embarrassed to seek help, and so they go on suffering believing that everyone else has it figured out.  The truth is lots of people need help, and the good news is the help is out there.  So if you’ve never tried working with a life coach, give it a try.  Life coaches really are for ordinary people.  You never know…you might find yourself a new best friend, partner, champion, trainer, sounding board, supporter, mentor, co-designer, beacon and wake-up call all wrapped up in one individual.

Lori Radun is a certified life coach, inspirational speaker and author of The Momnificent!® Life ~ Healthy and Balanced Life For Busy Moms.  As a motherhood leader committed to empowering moms to create magnificent lives, families and businesses, see why moms are visiting for the free Momnificent!® newsletter, her free online mom club, and continuously updated blog at  of mom-worthy inspiration and articles.

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