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When To Start Brushing Baby Gums

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As the parent of a baby, you’re probably eager to get everything right and ensure your baby is fit and healthy in every way possible. That will no doubt include their oral hygiene. So, when should you start brushing your baby’s gums? It’s a question that many new parents ask, and it’s an important one. You definitely should brush your baby’s gums. To find out how to do this effectively, read on.

When to Start

Knowing the right time to start brushing your baby’s gums might be confusing, but it’s not too difficult. You can start cleaning their gums from a very early age. It won’t be as important very early on, but there’s nothing wrong with getting into the habit of cleaning them gently. Your routine will change as you start also brushing their teeth as they come through.

How To Do It

When cleaning your baby’s gums, you obviously shouldn’t use a regular toothbrush because this would be far too harsh. Instead, use a soft, damp cloth. You could also use a silicone finger brush that slips onto the end of your finger and allows you to clean your baby’s gums that way. It’s comfortable for them, and it’s straightforward for you as well, so everyone wins!

The Right Times To Clean Their Gums

It makes the most sense to clean your baby’s gums after eating. This makes sure that no debris is left and that bacteria can’t start to grow on their gums. If you clean them after each time they eat, that’ll be all you need to do for the time being. You can start to establish different teeth cleaning routines as they get a bit older, and their oral health and care needs change.

What To Do If They Hate It

If your baby really hates the process of having their gums cleaned, you might be unsure what to do about it. Of course, it’s crucial that you can clean them, but you don’t want to cause baby discomfort. Go slowly and be gentle when cleaning them. Make it into a fun game and sing a song too because that often works. Anything that turns it into a fun game will make it more enjoyable for them.

Teaching Them To Brush Their Teeth And Gums

Teaching them how to brush their own teeth and gums will be an essential step as well. This is something that you can start doing early on. Show them what you’re doing and how it’s done, even if they’re not old enough to understand why it’s happening. They can then get familiar with the process and what needs to be done. This will help them develop good dental care habits when they grow up.

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