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When treating gum disease or cold or canker sores, what if there was a way to significantly reduce your treatment time, improve your results, and make the experience almost pain-free? Although it might sound like an impossible feat, having a better experience at the dental office is possible with the help of laser dentistry. Sherman Oaks Dental uses the Odyssey soft tissue laser to treat overgrown gums, canker sores, cold sores, and even advanced gum disease. Dental lasers are much more efficient than traditional tools, speeding up appointment times and improving productivity. Simply put, Dr. Weyneth can tackle more dental issues in a shorter period of time, while still improving your results.

How Dental Lasers Work

Lasers produce a narrow beam of intense light within a single wavelength. When this beam of light is applied to soft tissue, it selectively heats the bacteria and diseased tissues in the area, destroying them on contact. As mentioned above, the lasers are selective, which means that normal, healthy tissue will be unaffected. The laser we use for this procedure is much less powerful than those in general operating rooms, to allow for a gentler touch.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Soft tissue lasers have transformed dentistry by providing us with the opportunity to be more precise while improving the patient experience. Here are a few powerful benefits of laser dentistry.

Minute Tissue Modifications

By using the Odyssey laser, dentists can sculpt soft tissue with very precise movements, creating superior results. Gum tissue can be scaled back and contoured to meet the teeth naturally, and there will be no visible signs of the procedure, unlike traditional oral surgeries.

Minimal To No Bleeding

Soft tissue lasers also offer dentists the ability to cut away soft tissue without any bleeding. The Odyssey laser cauterizes microscopic blood vessels on contact, protecting the tissues and making oral surgeries safer.

Lowers Your Chances Of Infection

Because soft tissue lasers destroy bacteria, they also help to reduce your chances of an infection. This is especially helpful in the fight against gum disease and dental decay, which is why many dentists have decided to switch to laser dentistry.

Maximum Comfort

Traditional dental surgeries involved incisions and discomfort. However, the soft tissue laser changed all of that because it only targets diseased tissue. Since the laser beam operates instantly to remove tissue and infection, patients feel very little sensation, which makes the experience more comfortable—and fast. Laser gum and soft tissue treatments can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take a dentist to do the same work with a scalpel.

Non-Invasive Way To Treat Gum Disease

The Odyssey laser makes gum disease treatment minimally invasive. A tiny probe on the end of the laser pen can be inserted into the gingival pockets, eliminating diseased tissue and sanitizing the area. The laser used during LANAP also helps to create a blood clot around the tooth, which keeps new infection from invading while the area heals.

To learn more about how laser treatment could help you, contact Sherman Oaks, your Naperville dentist, today.