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The Power of Professional Teeth Whitening

In a perfect world, brushing and flossing would be enough to keep your teeth white and attractive. But even the most diligent brusher can still end up with yellowed, dingy teeth. Over time, the dyes present in foods and drinks can leach into your teeth, making them look dirty even when they're freshly brushed.Fortunately, you don't have to live with a lackluster smile. Professional in-office teeth whitening can lighten your teeth several shades in a single visit, so you can feel confident about your smile. Although whitening might seem like a luxury, research has shown that it can actually help patients to enjoy an improved sense of self-worth and do better at work. When people look good, they feel better, and when they feel better, they tend to perform at a higher level at work and in social situations. Whitening your teeth is a fast, effective first step in improving your overall self-esteem.

In-Office Whitening: A Superior Alternative

If you are like most people, you might wonder what the difference is between those at-home whitening kits you can find at any grocery store and the whitening treatments you receive in the dentist's chair. Although the processes are similar, details matter when it comes to whitening, and working with Dr. Weyneth can make a difference. Here are a few benefits offered by in-office whitening that you won't enjoy at home:


At Sherman Oaks Dental, we use the powerful Opalescence Boost® system. Unlike take-home whitening kits, which typically offer a whitening gel that contains 6-16% carbamide peroxide gel, the Opalescence Boost® system offers a 40% peroxide gel, so the whitening action is faster and more effective. In fact, most patients achieve full brightening results within two, twenty-minute sessions—a fraction of the time it might take to achieve the same results at home.

Bright white teeth will boost your confidence and give you even more reasons to smile.

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Some at-home whitening kits are difficult to use properly, which can cause gum irritation, soft tissue burns, and incredibly sensitive teeth. Believe it or not, the American Dental Association hasn't granted its seal of approval to any at-home whitening brand because serious problems can result if the kits are used incorrectly: To avoid these kinds of problems, in-office whitening is best. Before your teeth are whitened, Dr. Weyneth will inspect your teeth for any hidden damage. If these areas aren't addressed before whitening, it could lead to intense pain. Next, your gums will be protected by a barrier, which helps to prevent uncomfortable, unsightly tissue burns. Our dentists will determine the peroxide solution best suited for your teeth, and apply it very carefully to the visible surfaces of your smile. Your treatment will be monitored carefully for the signs of trouble, and the gel will be swiftly removed when the treatment is complete. Careful monitoring also helps our dentists and technicians ensure that your smile is whitened according to your own personal preferences.


Unlike at-home whitening kits, which don't offer any kind of sensitivity protection at all, we apply an anti-sensitivity solution to the teeth after treatment to keep patients comfortable. Our whitening solution also contains fluoride, which has been shown to strengthen enamel. The Opalescence Boost® system is also UV-Light free, which means you won't have to sit under a hot, uncomfortable lamp during your whitening treatment.

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