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Sedation Dentistry In Naperville

Dislike Dental Visits? Say Goodbye to Anxiety with Sedation Dentistry

Have you ever avoided the dentist due to fear and worry? Although you might feel silly about dental-related anxiety, the condition is thought to affect as many as 15% of Adults in the United States. Many people develop dental anxiety because of negative experiences with the dentist in the past. These experiences include pain, feelings of lost control, embarrassment, or even the smells and sounds associated with the dentist’s office. Dental anxiety can cause problems ranging from simple worry to full-blown panic attacks, which is why it is important to talk with Dr. Weyneth about how you are feeling. Fortunately, Sherman Oaks Dental now offers nitrous oxide on request, helping even the most anxious patients to relax and get the dental care they need.

Nitrous Oxide Explained

Although there are several different kinds of sedation dentistry in Naperville, one of the most popular forms of sedation is nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas. Contrary to popular belief, the laughing gas that you inhale at the dental office is actually a mix of about 30% nitrous oxide and 70% oxygen, so you will be able to breathe normally. Laughing gas provides a mild pain relief and relaxation, offering light sedation for children, teens, and adults. Nitrous oxide is administered through a small face or nose mask, giving people the chance to enjoy sedation without interfering with dental work. Here are a few other powerful benefits of nitrous oxide sedation.

Benefits of Laughing Gas

Planning Your Treatment

Although dental anxiety is a very real condition, the team at Sherman Oaks Dental will do everything in their power to keep you happy, comfortable, and relaxed during your procedure. If you struggle with dental anxiety, feel free to discuss the matter with Dr. Weyneth. To help you to stay comfortable, the doctor will talk with you about your sedation options. Schedule your next appointment with some of the best dentists in Naperville today.