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Naperville Family Dental Services

Sherman Oaks, a Naperville family dental practice, provides quality dental care for the entire family. Here you see a family who recently visited the dentist and loves their healthy smiles.

At Sherman Oaks Dental, our patients always come first. We strive to not only provide excellence in dental care, but to create an environment where your smile is a priority. We want you to look and feel your best, so we offer a full range of services to meet you and your family's needs.

You Deserve Exceptional Dentistry From A Naperville Dentist Who Cares!

Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile increases confidence and self-esteem. We work with you to enhance the natural beauty of your existing teeth, repair or replace damaged or broken teeth, and create the smile of your dreams – whether you need a simple whitening, porcelain veneers, or a complete reconstruction. Tell us what your concerns and hopes are, and we’ll come up with a plan to make it happen!

General & Preventive Dentistry

The best way to maintain a healthy smile is by taking care of problems before they happen. We provide a full range of preventive and general family dental services, from basic exams and keeping your teeth clean to early screening for cavities and gum disease. Our dentists use the latest in dental technology to make each visit as relaxed, pain free, and quick as possible, so you can get back to your life.

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Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment

Do you or your loved one snore uncontrollably? Experience constant fatigue or daytime sleepiness? Find yourself tired and irritable even after a full night’s sleep? Alternately, have you been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea and finding it impossible to continue with your prescribed CPAP treatment? Dr. Bryan Weynetg is a highly experienced dentist in the field of oral appliance therapy for the treatment of snoring and apnea. Our doctors can screen your particular situation and discuss if oral appliance therapy is right for you. Let us help you obtain a quiet, restful night’s sleep!

Dental Implants

At Sherman Oaks Dental, we always try to save your tooth if possible, because when a tooth is lost, the entire structure of the jaw is threatened. However, in some cases extraction is the only option, due to severe damage or decay. In such cases, the gap left by the missing tooth must be addressed. Dental implants replace lost or severely damaged teeth with a titanium post and a restoration that looks, feels, and functions just like your original tooth - and unlike most bridges or dentures, a dental implant can last for decades. Don’t just repair your smile - restore it!

Teeth in a Day

Full mouth reconstruction used to require many visits to your dentist and weeks or months to complete. With advanced dental techniques, we can now place your implants in just one day. This speeds up the process and leaves you ready for your restorations to be completed in a much shorter time frame.

Our Naperville Cosmetic dentistry has many ways to improve your smile.


If you are unhappy with your teeth, but hate the idea of traditional braces, Invisalign could be ideal for you. These series of customized, clear plastic aligners fit neatly in your mouth, can be removed for eating, drinking, and oral hygiene, and are virtually invisible. No metal, no wires, no hassle – just a steady, visible improvement in the alignment of your teeth until you have a terrific, even smile.

Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease and periodontitis are the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Preventive care in the form of regular dental visits and an at-home oral hygiene routine is imperative. If gingivitis and periodontitis do occur, we tailor our services (which may include deep cleanings, laser treatments or other state–of-the-art treatment modalities) to your particular situation. Having a strong dental foundation that includes strong gum health is one of our top focuses at Sherman Oaks Dental.

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Chipped teeth, gaps between teeth, and uneven gums can make you feel like hiding your smile. Lumineers are a quick, easy way to create a brilliant smile without the need for anesthesia. These porcelain veneers from Cerinate can be applied in one easy treatment that is pain free and results in a perfect look. Traditional porcelain veneers are also available for those who are not good candidates for Lumineers. They require a more involved prep session, but the result is similar to Lumineers: an even, sparkling smile!

Emergency Dental Services

Have a toothache, a broken or knocked out tooth, or another dental emergency? Dr. Weyneth is committed to our existing patients’ general dental care, and available to you for an emergency even outside our regular office hours. For new patients with an urgent need for dental care, we schedule you during our normal office hours as a priority, providing the first possible open spot to be seen as quickly as possible. Follow the instructions on our Emergency Services page and call us for an appointment.

Sedation Dentistry

The dentist’s office can generate a lot of anxiety or fear for many. At Sherman Oaks Dental, we provide nitrous oxide to our patients who need it, making their time in our office relaxed and free from stress or fear. Just let us know you want to include nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) when you schedule your appointment, and we’ll plan on making your visit more comfortable and anxiety free!

A smiling little girl who is smiling happily. Our Naperville family dentistry practice is happy to provide dental services for your children!

Children's Dentistry

Your child’s dental health starts before they even have visible teeth! Keeping your child’s gums and teeth healthy starts at home, and by age three they should visit our Naperfille dental office for a fun, stress free visit. They will get to know our dentists, have their pearly whites counted and cleaned, and receive a thorough exam.

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50 & Better Services

Did you know that poor dental health in your golden years could increase your likelihood of a heart attack or stroke? At Sherman Oaks Dental we evaluate the special needs or challenges of our 50 & better patients, and customize treatment to your specific situation. If you suffer from dry mouth or sleep apnea, have stained, worn, or discolored teeth, or are experiencing trouble with old bridges, crowns, or fillings, Drs. Weyneth will keep your smile as healthy as possible.

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If you are due for your dental cleaning, have a dental issue you’d like to see us about, or just have a general question, feel free to contact our Naperville Family dentistry. We have business hours Monday through Thursday, and we also take appointments on Saturdays. Feel free to call us at any time or send us an email. We also have an online appointment scheduler to make the process fast and easy. We look forward to getting to knjow you and your family!