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Preventive Dentistry: Your Key to Oral Health

At-home hygiene and routine dental checkups are the cornerstone of great oral health. But, many people avoid the dentist unless they are suffering from dental pain. Preventive dentistry can help you to avoid painful and expensive dental issues, saving you time and money.

Preventive dentistry is all about making sure cavities and decay are less likely to thrive. If your family dentist in Naperville detects problems, they will address the issues. Our goal is to protect you from the hassles involved with oral decay, periodontal disease, and tooth loss.

Because preventive dentistry is so effective, the vast majority of dental insurance companies provide coverage for this kind of care. As a result, preventive and general dentistry is very cost effective. And, it saves patients from complex procedures like root canals, extractions, and gum disease treatments down the road.

General and Preventive Dentistry Treatments

Sherman Oaks Dental has a fully equipped office with the latest in diagnostic and preventive technology to keep your mouth healthy. Here are some of the family dentistry procedures we offer that can keep your smile clean, bright, and comfortable.

Our Technology Sets Us Apart

There is a reason that many consider the clinicians at Sherman Oaks Dental some of the best dentists in Naperville. We focus on creating a warm and comforting atmosphere for patients. Our goal is catching issues early to save you pain and money. We are also committed to bringing the best new dental technologies to the area.

To keep patients comfortable and informed during exams, Dr. Weyneth, our Naperville family dentist, uses several tools. The Diagnodent tool and intraoral cameras are some of our new technologies. Diagnodent tools are special because they can identify cavities that are invisible to the naked eye. They help our dentists resolve the issue before the cavity grows. Intraoral cameras allow patients to see what the dentist sees. It gives you an up-close-and-personal view of your teeth and what the dentist needs to do to keep them healthy. To protect patients, Sherman Oaks Dental offers digital X-rays, which use 1/6th of the radiation that normal X-rays emit.

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Our family dentistry in Naperville has a focus on preventive care can help you and your family to stay healthy, happy, and comfortable. Dr. Weyneth is currently accepting new patients, and they would love the chance to get to know you and your family. If you are due for a dental cleaning or a checkup, schedule your next appointment today.