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Big Scary Needles and Syringes are a Thing of the Past at our Naperville Dental Office!

Introducing CompuDent, the “Magic Wand”

For many dental patients, the biggest fear at the dental office is that of the needle. Many people avoid the dentist and put off much needed procedures for years just because they don’t want to experience the anesthetic portion of the visit!

CompuDent Anesthesia

It may come as a surprise that it’s not usually the needle that causes the sting of an anesthetic injection into the gum around a tooth. It’s actually the pressure of the anesthetic being rapidly pushed into the tissue. With CompuDent, the “magic wand” of anesthetic delivery systems, you’ll never have to fear the “shot" again.

This STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) System is a computer-controlled dental injection. The computer uses a tiny needle to administer a slow and steady flow of anesthesia, which ultimately means a comfortable experience for our family of patients.

Our team calls this system the “magic wand” because even our patients with a deadly fear of needles become comfortable with it after just one use! With CompuDent:

If you have had a prior bad experience with a needle injection of anesthesia, you will be reassured by this syringe-free dental experience.

What are our patients saying about the wand? Here’s what one of our patients has to say (surprise - she is also a certified, practicing dental hygienist!)

"I was so pleased with the new machine wand injection that was used when I was at the office to have a filling done. This wand injection system allows the doctor to numb only the tooth or teeth to be fixed, not the whole side of the face and tongue. I felt no pain or discomfort during the numbing process or the procedure itself. When the appointment was over I was able to talk normal and eat and drink as if I had no dental work done at all. In the future if I need dental work I won't be worried or dreading the appointment."

Don’t put off scheduling your needed dental work any longer. Call us today at (630) 473-3843) to schedule your next dental visit!