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Struggling with TMJ or TMD Pain? Time for T-Scan.

T-Scan System Bite

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Do you suffer from constant migraines, jaw, neck and/or shoulder pain? An improper alignment of the teeth and jaw (known as dental occlusion) could be to blame. When the bite is imperfect, strain is put on the muscles of the jaw and neck, which can cause pain and soreness. For many, a diagnosis of temporomandibular joint disorder (also known as TMD or TMJ) leaves the patient with more questions than answers.

At Sherman Oaks Dental, we understand the pain TMD/TMJ can cause and have unique resources to help our patients – specifically, a device known as the T-Scan.

For years, dentists have had to use a large amount of guesswork in diagnosing dental occlusion. Imprecise tools such as articulation paper, waxes, and pressure indicator paste were all that was available to assess and balance the forces of the bite with the muscles and joints of the head and neck. Most of these methods are not sensitive enough to detect simultaneous contact, and none measure both biting time and force - critical components in diagnosing TMD/TMJ.


With T-Scan, a computerized bite scan shows us precisely which bite areas are dominant. Dominant bite areas are pressure points which can cause mild to severe ear pain, neck pain, or jaw pain and can trigger headaches and migraines.

Once a bite pattern is evaluated by our doctors, we develop an individualized treatment plan, including at home exercises, with our personalized take home kit. Our patient then continues care with our TMD team every week for 8 to 12 weeks.

We repeat the T-Scan every other week to evaluate bite changes until our patient’s bite is even and their pain is alleviated.

Dr. Weyneth is available to schedule a complimentary telephone consultation with you to discuss TMD / TMJ management. To find out more about this revolutionary system, please contact our office at (630) 473-3843, or visit our website specifically dedicated to the treatment of TMD.