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Leading Edge Dental Technology is something to Smile About!

At Sherman Oaks Dental, we are committed to bringing our family of patients the best in dental technology. This means staying on top of every advancement in dental diagnostics and treatments, and continually adding new, improved tools to our practice in order to enhance our level of dental care.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Our digital X-ray system means 75% less radiation exposure, a faster development time, and a quicker dental office visit for you. It also eliminates the need for traditional film disposal, which helps the environment!

Intra-Oral Camera

The intra-oral camera allows our dentists to see every angle of every tooth and thoroughly examine your gums. The camera takes images which can be enlarged and viewed on the TV screens we have in every operatory room, so you can see what your dentist sees.

CEREC® for One Visit Crowns

In the past, restorations required that the patient visit the office for an impression, and wear a temporary crown until the permanent one could be created. CEREC® allows crowns to be designed, fabricated, and placed in just one visit using computerized, 3D technology that customizes the crown for the specific patient and even color matches for a flawless looking tooth.

Diagnodent for Early Cavity Detection

Even patients who are certain they don’t have a single cavity are surprised when Diagnodent finds decay that is invisible to even X-rays. This early detection system can find even the smallest tooth lesions using harmless light energy, allowing treatment to begin before the decay spreads.

Dental Implants

T-Scan for TMJ Treatment

Jaw pain, neck pain, and migraines are often the result of in improper bite, known as dental occlusion. This can lead to a diagnosis of TMD / TMJ. Our T-Scan diagnostic system can pinpoint the areas of strongest bite pressure, allowing our dentists to develop a treatment plan designed to bring your jaw and teeth into proper alignment and alleviate the pain-causing pressure.

Soft Tissue Laser

The Odyssey Diode Laser provide soft tissue (gum) treatment without scalpels, sutures, or significant pain. The guided laser can modify or vaporize malformed or diseased tissue, yielding lasting results and providing for a short recovery time. We can even treat irritating canker or cold sores!

CompuDent “Magic Wand”

Many dental patients delay important dental procedures simply because they are afraid of the anesthetic “shot”. At Sherman Oaks Dental, we’ve discarded the traditional needle and syringe for the “Magic Wand”. CompuDent takes the fear and pain out of dental procedures by using a computerized anesthetic delivery system that only numbs the area around the tooth being treated. You’ll be a convert after just one visit, and never put off needed dental procedures again.

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