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What is a Snore Guard?

Is snoring ruining your quality of sleep? Come to your Naperville family dentist for sleep apnea treatment.

There is no denying that snoring is common! In some cases, it can be serious, yet most of the time it is simply annoying. If you have found that your other half doesn’t want to stay in the same bed as you anymore because of your snoring habits, you should definitely consider talking to Dr. Weyneth about getting custom snore guards here at Sherman Oaks Dental. 

Common Causes of Snoring

You are more likely to snore if the following applies to you:

  • You have sleep apnea, which is when your airway becomes temporarily blocked while sleeping.
  • You are overweight.
  • You smoke.
  • You drink too much alcohol.
  • You sleep on your back. 

Snore Guards – Effective Way To Stop Snoring

Snore guards are designed to counteract your natural tendency for your tongue to slide back into your mouth and jaw while you are asleep. The effectiveness of these devices is proven. This is because they work to prevent snoring in a number of different ways. Many people believe that snore guards are going to be horrible to wear, making it impossible to fall asleep. That’s not the case, especially if you choose custom snore guards,  which have been made to suit you. 

  • They will push or advance the jaw slightly forward, which will open the airway naturally.
  • They will depress your tongue, meaning it will not fall to the back of your throat and block your breathing.
  • They will make certain that the passageway is not impeded by soft palate tissue.
  • If you have a receding jaw, they will help to stabilize this. 

Why You Should Come To See Sherman Oaks For Your Snore Guard?

While you can purchase a generic snore guard online or at a local store it is not going to be as effective as a custom snore guard. When you have a custom snore guard, created by Dr. Weyneth, it will suit your own particular physiology and address your own individual sleep issues.  Not to mention that custom snore guards are not only much more effective in alleviating your snoring, they are also much more comfortable to wear while sleeping. 

Factors To Consider When Having A Snore Guard Created

When a snore guard is made there are many factors to be considered by Dr. Weyneth which includes the following:

  • Some jaw movement is allowed
  • Breathing vents
  • Quality of material that is used
  • The lifespan of the snore guard
  • Slim design
  • Adjustability 

Please make an appointment to come in and see Dr. Weyneth if you have more questions about snore guards. We’ll be happy to address your concerns and consult with you to see if a custom snore guard is the right choice for you.