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Your Mouth is the Gateway to your Body

The health of your teeth have a direct correlation to your overall health.Contrary to popular belief, proper dental care is about more than simply brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist. Your mouth is the gateway to your body, and your diet and level of physical fitness are directly tied to the health of your teeth. Here are a few health conditions that have been proven to be related to dental decay, and how you can take care of your teeth from the inside out.


If you aren’t feeling well, your teeth might be at the root of the problem. Conversely, if your teeth are healthy, your body might be in better shape too. Here are a few problems you might find yourself with if you ignore your dental health:

  • Cardiovascular Illnesses: The same dental bacteria that can erode away your oral enamel can seep into your blood and create an inflammatory response in your body. This inflammation can cause cardiovascular illnesses such as endocarditis and heart disease. In fact, some researchers have even found oral bacteria inside of the arterial plaque that causes heart attacks.
  • Diabetes: Since diabetics have a difficult time controlling their blood sugars, and since oral bacteria feeds on these sugars, diabetes has been directly linked with periodontal disease.
  • Cancer: The inflammation that dental disease can cause can harm you more than messing up your blood sugar levels and increasing your chances for a heart attack. Researchers have found that there is strong evidence to support a link between periodontal disease and cancer, since bacteria and inflammation can hurt your body’s ability to fight off other infections.

For these reasons, make your dental health an important part of your overall healthcare regimen. Schedule your dental checkups at the same time you schedule your annual doctor’s well exam.

Dental Care From the Inside-Out

As you go about your daily activities, remember that proper dental care starts from the inside. Your diet can drastically improve your overall health, and keep your teeth strong and beautiful. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Eat A Wide Variety of Fruits and Vegetables: In addition to giving your body healthy doses of vitamins and minerals, crunchy fruits and veggies can also stimulate your dental sockets, which can keep your jawbone healthy and strong.
  • Exercise: Regular exercise can improve circulation throughout your entire body, including your mouth—keeping necessary blood vessels working like they should.
  • Drink Enough Water: In addition to rinsing your teeth clean, drinking enough water can also help your body to run more efficiently. Also, people who are dehydrated tend to suffer from bad breath and aggravated dental decay.

If you have questions about how your dental health could affect your physical health, make an appointment with us today!


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