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Tips for Success with Invisalign

Logo of Invisalign, the invisible braces for adults and teens. available at Sherman Oaks in Naperville, Illinois

Want straighter teeth but don’t like the idea of wearing braces with metal brackets? Consider Invisalign! As the name suggests, Invisalign is a practically invisible alignment method for your teeth. Whereas traditional braces rely on metal wires and brackets to hold things together and reshape your smile, Invisalign solves the same issue but with clear, plastic aligners that fit around the exterior of your teeth, arranging them to be straighter and straighter with each successive aligner.

Whether you’re planning on receiving this treatment or you’ve already received it, we hope that the following tips can make your experience as easy and pleasant as possible! We want to offer the some of the best experiences with Invisalign in Naperville.

  • Clean your aligner regularly in order to prevent bacteria and mold from forming inside of it. As you can imagine, any place as dark, warm and moist as a mouth can make a great habitat for unwanted bacteria. For your own health (as well as to keep your retainer from smelling bad) make it a habit to wash it out regularly. Likely the easiest way to accomplish this is to buy some denture-cleaner from your local store and let the aligner soak in it for a few minutes each night as you get ready for bed.

  • Carry a miniature toothbrush with you. This practice may sound strange, but trust us, when you’ve just eaten a meal and the time comes for you to put the aligner back on, you’re not going to be happy putting it in if you’ve got traces of food caked among your teeth. Storing random flecks and crumbs in your aligner all day will taste terrible and make your breath smell even worse.

  • Update and change your aligners on time. We want you to get your smile straightened and the Invisalign process completed just as quickly as you do! In order to do this, make it a priority to schedule regular appointments and hold yourself to them. Depending on the condition of your teeth and your sensitivity, you may also consider speaking with your dentist to adjust the time you spend with each successive aligner. Because mouths tend to vary in their needs of different intensities of treatments, it may be worth it for you to customize the amount of time you spend with each aligner so that you obtain maximum efficiency and comfort.  

If you are interested in getting started with Invisalign liners to straighten your smile, contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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