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Adult Orthodontics

Though braces have become almost synonymous with being a teenager, not everyone has had the chance to receive orthodontic correction. New cosmetic dentistry techniques develop and a beautiful smile gets easier to achieve now. So, adults who didn’t have the opportunity in childhood are seeking ways to fix crooked and misaligned teeth with adult orthodontics. Sherman Oaks Family Dental offers an alternative to traditional braces or even Invisalign:  lumineers.

Lumineers: An Alternative to Invisalign

We offer Adult orthodontics don't have to be uncomfortable or unsightly. Try Invisalign or lumineers in Naperville at Sherman Oaks Dental.Lumineers as a faster, easier alternative to braces. We can correct visible flaws in your smile in two easy visits, and the results are instantaneous. You get an immediate improvement in the shape, alignment, and color of your teeth. You don’t have to worry about the many adjustments over a long period like braces. Their original purpose is to repair stains, wear, and damage to the teeth. But, properly shaped lumineers can visually straighten slightly crooked teeth. They can also eliminate gaps left by receding gums or too-small teeth. Your lumineers can close spaces which could take months or years for an orthodontist to fix. Although less suitable for children and adolescents, they can be the perfect solution for adults. Whether applied to one tooth or many, lumineers will immediately straighten and whiten your teeth, with little waiting and no additional work necessary.

How do they work?

After consulting with you to learn exactly what you want for your teeth and which parts of your smile you consider problem areas, Dr. Weyneth, our Naperville cosmetic dentist,  will prepare your teeth for application and take casts of your mouth to ensure a perfect fit. Your lumineers will then be individually shaped to ensure the highest quality and the best match for you. Each one we craft is made to imitate the color, shape, and polish of a healthy tooth, and is composed of naturally stain-resistant materials to protect the shine of your smile. At your final appointment, each custom-made shell will be permanently applied to the surface of your tooth, leaving your smile at its best.

At Sherman Oaks Family Dental, we offer the best in cosmetic dentistry, including lumineers. Call our office to schedule your consultation today, or request an appointment online. We’re ready any time to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted!

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