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The Magic Wand of Dental Treatments

The CompuDent system administers anesthesia without the painful injection.At Sherman Oaks Dental, we know how uncomfortable anesthetic injections can be. The medicine that is supposed to prevent you from feeling pain, is so often painful to administer! Many people experience fear or anxiety when presented with needles, and even those who are most comfortable with the process rarely enjoy the sting. To help keep you comfortable and eliminate this anxiety, we use the CompuDent system to administer anesthesia without the sting of the traditional anesthetic injection.

How it works
Although the needle might seem like the problem, what causes the sting of an anesthetic injection is actually the large amount of medicine being forced into the tissue all at once. Rather than injecting anesthetic in one push, CompuDent administers the medicine slowly and gently, through a tiny needle that is much less intimidating than the traditional syringe. The system includes instruments to monitor the pressure of the injection, keeping the flow of anesthetic gentle and constant. Because this process is so much less painful, even patients with a deep fear of injections are able to use it comfortably, leading us to call it the “magic wand” of dental treatments.

A precise application
In addition to increased comfort, CompuDent allows us to use anesthetic on a smaller area, numbing only the tooth that we need to work on rather than the whole side of your face. At the same time, we are actually putting more anesthetic where it is needed, keeping your tooth reliably numb during the entire procedure. This reduction in unnecessary numbness combined with more effectiveness at the actual injection site was impossible using traditional syringes, and is only possible now using CompuDent’s computer-assisted delivery.

No need for fear
Anxiety around injections and dental visits is a very common problem. We are always committed to doing whatever we can to relieve any fear you might experience. The use of the CompuDent system is only one of the ways that we try to reduce your discomfort and anxiety. We are always willing to make accommodations for those who have bad experiences or who experience phobias around dental work. Please don’t hesitate to ask for whatever you need to feel more comfortable when you visit our office. Call Sherman Oaks Dental today or contact us online, and let us know how we can help you through your next dental visit.

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