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Happy Holidays!

Contact your Naperville Dentists if you have a holiday mishap.We at Sherman Oaks Dental would like to wish you a very merry holiday season. As we share in this time of joy and excitement, we want to express our deep gratitude for trusting us with your dental health. Without our wonderful patients, or practice wouldn’t be what it is today. We look forward to serving as your Naperville dentist into the new year and beyond!

We hope you all enjoy your holiday celebrations with family and friends. While you celebrate with holiday goodies, don’t forget to practice good dental care! The extra sugar and snacking we all indulge in during the holidays calls for extra attention to your dental hygiene routine. Where possible, be aware of foods that have the potential to cause dental issues. For instance, taffy, caramel, and gummy candies cling to the teeth, creating the perfect conditions for bacteria to grow. To avoid this, be sure to rinse or brush your teeth soon after consuming these types of candies. Meanwhile, strongly pigmented foods like red wine, cranberry sauce, and those bright red and green frosted cookies can contribute to teeth staining; be careful how you indulge, and brush and rinse often.

Don’t let dental mishaps spoil your holiday. If you have any questions for Dr. Weyneth or Dr. Sosenko, or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us today!

May the joys of this season be with you and your family!

Dr. Bryan Weyneth,
Dr. Lydia Sosenko,
and the Sherman Oaks Dental staff

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