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Don’t Let Summer Drinks Eat Your Teeth

The summer season and warmer temperatures are finally here! One of the best things to do on a hot summer day is grab a refreshing drink to beat the heat!

Don't let summer drinks eat your teeth!

Don’t let summer drinks eat your teeth!

Lemonade, sweet tea, soda and fruit juices are a few of the most common refreshing summer drinks. They contain sugar and acid.  This means these summer drinks eat your teeth! Everything done in moderation is okay, but consuming too much of these tasty drinks can cause acid wear and tooth decay. Acid wear is a wearing of the enamel exposing softer parts of the tooth making you prone to tooth decay and tooth sensitivity!

Follow these 3 tips to protect your teeth while you enjoy your summer drinks:

  1. Always rinse with water after drinking these summer drinks.
  2. Always consume these drinks with food or a meal.
  3. Never sip these beverages. Sipping is like bathing your teeth in sugar and acid!

We want you to enjoy the warm summer season and refreshing drinks that go well with its warm temperatures, but don’t let summer drinks eat your teeth! Call your Naperville Dentist today at (630) 369-5225 to schedule your summer hygiene or whitening appointments! We’d be happy to check your teeth for any signs of acid wear. 

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