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Is Gum Disease Threatening your Smile? Ask your Naperville Dentist for Help!

How Deep your Pockets Are Could Affect your Health.

It’s the part of the dental visit you don’t particularly care for: the exam. The dentist pokes and probes, but what is he looking for?

Your friendly Naperville dentist is checking the depth of your pockets – and not the ones that hold your cash. The pockets in your gums are an excellent indicator of oral health, and at Sherman Oaks Dental we take oral health seriously.

During the poking and prodding, we take 6 measurements of each and every tooth, all the way around where it meets the gumline, to find how deep the pocket is on all sides. These measurements (taken in millimeters) help us determine how healthy the structure around your teeth are. If we find an area of concern (excessively deep pockets), we can show you and discuss your options for improving your dental health.

Why is this so important?

We look for deep pockets and educate our patients on the prevention and treatment of gum disease to help keep mouths healthy and save beautiful smiles. Sherman Oaks Dental has some of the best dentists in Naperville. Our focus is to keep your teeth and your gums healthy for a LIFETIME!

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