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The Importance of Regular Dental Exams

It is important to your health to have regular dental checkups. Schedule one with the best dentist in Naperville today!When it comes to your daily routine, you might be more likely to schedule an oil change for your car than you are to book a dental exam. After all, who likes to be poked and prodded by a dentist? Failure to look after your teeth could cause big problems down the road. If you want to keep decay in check, Dr. Weyneth, one of the best dentists in Naperville, recommends going in for dental checkups every six months. Here are a few other benefits you might glean from regular exams:

1: Keep Small Problems From Getting Worse

That cavity might be tiny now, but how will it look after a few years? Before you know it, decay can spread, creating huge, painful crevices where a microscopic cavity once was. If decay travels deep enough, it might even irritate nerve endings inside of your tooth—causing immense pain. Before you know it, you might have to endure a root canal or even a tooth extraction, when a simple cavity a few months ago could have done the trick. However, by visiting Dr. Weyneth regularly, you can keep tabs on new and existing damage, so that you can address problems early.

2: Spread Out The Cost of Dental Repairs

Who likes to visit the dentist once every five years, only to encounter loads of problems that cost a lot of money to fix? Another great thing about going in for regular dental checkups is that you can spread out the cost of dental repairs over a long time period. In addition to reducing damage and mitigating the need for massive repairs, you might be able to budget more effectively. For example, if you know that you usually need one or two fillings per visit and you know that you have an exam coming up, you might be able to save that money ahead of time.

3: Learn Better Habits

You might feel like you know how to floss, but what if you are doing things the wrong way? During your dental exams, the dentist will talk about your oral health habits, so that you can perfect your technique.

4: Keep Your Smile Beautiful

If looks are important to you, you should make regular dental exams a priority. In addition to fending off cavities and dental fractures, checkups can also give you the opportunity to fine-tune your smile. You might be able to talk with the doctor about dental whitening, bonding together gaps, or rounding out that chipped tooth.

5: Take A Few Minutes For Yourself

Last but not least, dental exams give you the opportunity to take a few minutes for yourself. Instead of listening to your kids nag you or dealing with work, you can kick back, relax, and enjoy the process.

What A Typical Dental Checkup Entails

Although dental checkups might sound scary, they are really nothing to be nervous about. After a dental hygienist takes a few x-rays of your teeth, they will clean and polish your teeth with a powered toothbrush. After your teeth are cleaned and rinsed, the hygienist will look for signs of decay. Afterwards, Dr. Weyneth will evaluate damaged areas and recommend treatment, which will take place at a later appointment.

If it’s time to come in for your regular exam, please contact our office today.

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