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Lumineers Will Have You Smiling

Try out Lumineers in Naperville!Sherman Oaks Dental offers all of the services you need to keep your smile strong and healthy. But did you know that we also offer cosmetic procedures? We have several options to beautify your smile. But perhaps the most innovative is Lumineers by Cerinate.

What are Lumineers?
You may have heard of porcelain veneers before. Porcelain veneers are synthetic coverings for your teeth, which can cover or fill in any imperfections or gaps you may have. Normally, these are only applied after the enamel of the teeth are removed or cut into. Since traditional veneers can be rather thick, they must replace the surface of the teeth in order to be worn. Lumineers are the latest technology in porcelain veneers. They are so thin—as thin as a contact lens!—that they can be placed on the surface of your teeth without the painful removal of your enamel. They are strong, and made to last for up to 20 years.

Are Lumineers right for you?
If you have stains on your teeth that just won’t come off, chips, cracks or gaps, Lumineers are right for you! Even gum lines that appear long can be visually corrected, so that your teeth look whole and beautiful. Not only are these defects corrected, but the teeth are permanently whitened. Do you have an aversion to dental pain? No problem! This procedure is simple and straight-forward. No drilling or cutting of the teeth is required, so that means that in most cases, no anesthesia is needed. It is virtually painless, and is a procedure that can be done in just a couple of visits. Once it is done, you can resume your regular eating and drinking habits without threatening the integrity of your porcelain Lumineers. It is important to maintain regular checkups to ensure that your teeth continue to be strong and healthy, and shine the way they should.

Every case is different. You may need only one surface done, or you might want each tooth covered. Whatever your needs, come in and discuss your options with Dr Weyneth. He will take the time to listen to you, and discuss what it will take for you to meet your goals. We will treat you with the greatest care and respect and help your smile to reach its most beautiful potential.
Visit our website to learn more about Lumineers, or give us a call at (630) 473-3843 to schedule a consultation!

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