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5 Benefits of Tooth Colored Fillings

Is mouthwash necessary?

It used to be that if you needed a filling, you had to get a silver filling. If you’re over the age of 35, you probably remember this, and you may even still have traditional metal fillings. These fillings can sometimes be problematic, because not only have some contained some mercury, but they’re also known for wearing down. They require a considerable portion of the tooth to be worn away so that they can be placed. They also can expand or contract, creating cracks and pain in your teeth. In the worst cases, they even could turn black. Bacteria can also sneak in through the cracks and put the tooth’s core at risk of suffering from decay and infection.

Tooth-colored fillings are white fillings that match the natural appearance of your teeth. When it comes to filling a cavity or making minor cosmetic changes, such as fixing a cracked tooth, we know you’ll agree that tooth-colored fillings are a great solution! Dr. Weyneth can fix up your smile to make it brighter and healthier!

When you get your tooth-colored fillings in Naperville, from cosmetic dentist Dr. Weyneth, the tough composite will look natural and provide a strong layer of defense against bacteria. Five additional benefits of our tooth colored fillings include:

  1. They’re easy to repair! Unlike silver fillings, if something happens to go wrong with tooth-colored fillings, we don’t need to undo the whole treatment to remedy it. Fixes aren’t as time consuming and uncomfortable to the patient like it used to be with silver fillings.
  2. The procedure causes only minimal dis-comfort. We go to a lot of effort to make you comfortable during your visit, and we’re confident in our ability to make this a positive experience for you. Mild dis-comfort is common which is why we encourage you to let us know how you feel while we work on your mouth.
  3. Fillings attach to the teeth with a chemical reaction. They do not require any kind of complicated adhesives, screws or surgeries to be used. This is one of the main reasons that the procedure is so simple.
  4. Now Wearing Down of Bone. Because tooth-colored fillings go on top of the teeth, no wearing down on the bone structure is necessary. The treatment is extremely non-invasive.
  5. Creates A Beautiful Smile! And perhaps best of all, fixing up cracks or chips in your teeth with tooth-colored fillings can make your teeth look great! You’ll enjoy a boost of self-confidence as you start afresh with a clean, healthy-looking smile. No silver included!

If you need to replace your old fillings or perhaps have a cavity that needs to be repair then schedule an appointment today with Sherman Oaks Dental where we will help give you the smile you deserve!

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