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The Systemic Effects of Sugar

Effects of Sugar

Have you ever thought about what your daily indulgences are doing to your body? Although most people are quick to write off a sugary snack or two, too much sugar has some very real negative consequences for your body, including:

1. Increasing Your Obesity Risk

Sugar is exceptionally high in calories, and Americans eat a lot of the sweet stuff: around 22 teaspoons per day, in fact. In addition to filling your diet with extra calories, sugar also triggers an insulin response that blocks certain hormones in your body that make you feel full, which leads to eating more.

2. Causing “Sugar Crashes”

When sugar surges through your system, you might feel like you have more energy, but that feeling will soon fade. Research has shown that it only takes about thirty minutes to crash after experiencing a “sugar high,” leaving you feeling groggy and unproductive. These massive blood sugar spikes can also be tremendously hard on your body, eventually leading to insulin resistance and ultimately diabetes.

3. Fueling Oral Bacteria

Sugar is the main food source for oral bacteria, which work night and day to dissolve your dental enamel. Excessive sugar consumption can cause massive oral infections, problems with significant oral decay, and even periodontal disease. Contact your Naperville dentist today to find out how your teeth have been affected by sugar. As some of the best dentists in Naperville, our team can help your teeth to recover from sugar-related damage.

4. Leading to Dangerous Illnesses

Sugar consumption is so dangerous to your body’s delicate chemical balance that it can even put you at a higher risk for serious diseases, including kidney disease, cancer, and even liver failure.

5. Contributing to Cognitive Decline

More and more studies have shown that eating excessive sugar can cause brain fog and cognitive decline because of the body’s diminished ability to function properly.

Reducing Your Sugar Levels

To keep your sugar levels in check, try to track how much sugar you are eating on a daily basis. Experts recommend that women should consume no more than around 6 teaspoons of sugar a day, and that men shouldn’t eat more than 9 teaspoons worth of sugar daily. If you do indulge, swish your mouth with plenty of clean water to rinse away sticky residues and bacterial acids. Focus on filling your diet with plenty of crunchy fruits and vegetables, which can keep you full while fulfilling some of your sweets cravings. For more help and advice regulating your diet to preserve your dental health, contact Sherman Oaks Dental today!

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