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Never Ignore Tooth Pain

Never ignore tooth pain. Schedule an appointment with the best dentist in Naperville.Toothaches can happen for a variety of reasons; we’ve all experienced the discomfort of one. If you are feeling severe pain from a toothache, it is recommended that you do something about it rather than hope it gets better. By ignoring tooth pain or oral pain, your condition can worsen and cause issues like infections or tooth loss.  Tooth pain is often a symptom of a much larger problem. To assist with pain relief, you can utilize Tylenol, warm salt water rinse, or a cold compress.

Other Types of Oral Pain:

1. Canker Sores: Whether short or long lasting, canker sores are one of the common forms of oral pain. We can assist you with temporary relief in the form of over-the-counter medications or laser treatment.
2. Bleeding: This can be a sign of gum disease, but if bleeding persists, we recommend the use of a tight gauze on the area. If it continues after the gauze is removed, please seek additional help at our offices.
3. Knocked Out or Broken Tooth: If it is a baby tooth, simply stem the bleeding and ensure that there is no bits of tooth remaining (if there are, contact us immediately) in the mouth. If a permanent tooth is knocked out, make sure that you recover the tooth, hold it by the crown, rinse it briefly, and try to reinsert into place with a gauze. If this doesn’t work, put the tooth in milk or water and contact us immediately for an emergency appointment in hopes of replacing the tooth.
4. Cut or Bitten Lip, Cheek, or Tongue: If simply bruised, an application of ice can help with the pain. If there is bleeding, utilize pressure with a gauze to stop it. If bleeding persists, seek out help at our office.

Now that you know the importance of never ignoring tooth pain, we hope that you’ll seek out dental help with one of the best dentists in Naperville immediately if you begin to experience oral discomfort. If you’re a new patient to Sherman Oaks, take a moment to see what we have to offer you. If you have questions regarding tooth pain, feel free to contact us for additional information. Those of you who are currently experiencing tooth pain, please get in touch with Sherman Oaks immediately to make an appointment so that we can help with relief from the pain. The dental team at Sherman Oaks is proud to help the Naperville, IL, area with all their dental needs!


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