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The Benefits of Digital X-rays

When you think about going to the best dentist in Naperville, you think about the usual steps it takes to fulfill your exam. You’re tense, and they start off relatively slow by taking your X-rays. You don’t worry about this part because it’s the easy part, but the one thing we never think about is the amount of radiation that we’re exposed to from these.

In the past, and with some current users, x-rays were developed with film. In order to develop these, there are a lot of chemicals involved to develop and tone the image. This usually leaves room for human error, because we’re not all perfect. The traditional method also may not show everything it needs to.

Digital x-rays have many benefits. Your Naperville dentsits are proud to offer the most advanced Now, coming back the topic of radiation exposure. There’s a yearly quota of radiation that you’ll usually meet due to your dental checkups and whatever problem might spring up in the rest of the body. Traditional dental x-rays usually only meets 1 percent of your annual exposure. Although with recent advancements, we have the digital age!

Digital x-rays offer a better outcome, and they’re better for you. Instead of the traditional bolt of radiation, the digital method uses an electronic sensor to capture the image and then sent and stored on a computer. This reduces your radiation exposure by 80-90 percent, but don’t let this be a reason to avoid the traditional method, as both methods maintain very low levels.

Having this new technology, means your new digital images can be easily and electronically transferred from one healthcare provider to another, unlike the traditional film that would be manually sent. This also means that the digital version is better for the environment, because there is no harmful waste or chemicals to be disposed of.

X-rays serve as both a preventative and diagnostic tool to help maintain a healthy mouth. Both methods show a variety of problems from cysts, tumors, abscesses, bone loss, decay, problems with teeth, root issues, developmental abnormalities, or trouble underneath the gum line. Everyone is encouraged to visit the dentist once, at the least if not, twice a year.

So in the end, what we’ve learned so far is that the traditional method always has and always will work but leaves room for human error, and the new digital version shows a little bit more detail due to the clarity, and offers a safer and faster alternative.

If you’re more interested in the new digital alternative, please contact us at Sherman Oaks Dental and schedule your yearly exam. We would be more than happy to discuss this option with you on your next routine exam.

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