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Technology-Driven Dentistry

In recent years, there have been tremendous advances in the field of dentistry. With these advances, it is possible to get better preventative care, painless anesthesia, and much, much more. Today, we explore the latest advances in our Naperville family dentistry that are driving us towards effective, efficient treatment.

DIAGNOdent Laser Detection

Sometimes, even the most skilled dentists cannot detect small cavities on traditional x-rays images. Often, when a cavity is detected on a regular imaging device, there is significant decay requiring drilling of the teeth. With a DIAGNOdent laser pen, your dentist can probe your teeth to see were there might be decay. Cavities can be detected at their earliest stages, indicated by the machine as an alarm and a number. Your dentist might be able to reverse early decay with fluoride treatments, but early decay will minimize drilling and amalgam filling requirements.

Single-Tooth Anesthesia

Gone are the days when dentists have to use a syringe and needle for local anesthesia. Single-tooth anesthesia, nowadays, usually involves the use of an anesthetic wand. A wand delivers a continuous stream of anesthetic solution that works almost instantaneously, without the pain of a needle-based injection.

Intraoral Digital Camera

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see what Dr. Weyneth is seeing? Gone are the days of dental mirrors, where he has to look at the interior of your mouth at odd angles with a dental mirror. Intraoral cameras let him see a large, magnified image of your teeth on a monitor. He can even position the monitor so that you can see the inside of your mouth, too. The wide range of intraoral cameras on the market help you make the best dental care decision, as you can see what Dr. Weyneth sees.

Laser Treatment for Gum Tissue

Lasers can also be used on your gum tissue, for either cosmetic or preventative purposes. Laser treatment can be an effective treatment for some types of gum disease, evaporating unhealthy gum tissue. At its best, laser therapy is a great cosmetic dental tool. If you want to perfect your smile in one perfect treatment, dental lasers can be used to:

  • Reduce larger gums to give you a perfect smile.
  • Remove excess gum tissue from a permanent tooth that has fully emerged.
  • Make your gum line even along your prominent teeth.

Perfect-Fit Orthodontics

Whether it is dental implants or Invisalign treatments, dentistry advances can now guarantee a near-perfect fit. The latest imaging advances include CT scans and other digital imaging techniques. A CT scan helps orthodontists create a 3D impression of your mouth. This is combined with computer-aided design, which dentists can then use to directly create and implement your perfect-fit treatment.

Dental Imaging Technology

The latest trends in dentistry include improvements with digital imaging technology. These trends are both good for the patient and good for the environment. Like ours, most dental clinics are moving towards digital imaging technology. This reduces the number of X-ray exposures for a patient, which is ultimately safer. Here are the benefits of dental imaging technology:

  • Shorter clinic visits because of X-ray developing.
  • Decreased waste associated with the developing process of X-ray film.
  • Easier storage and archival for the dental clinic.

Scheduling Your Next Appointment

Are you afraid of pain at your next dental visit, or do you simply think that you might have to miss work? Today’s dental technology makes it easy to get a procedure done with less pain and more quickly. It is also easier to schedule an appointment than ever before. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Weyneth!

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