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What Sweets are Worse to Eat For My Teeth?

What sweets are worse for my teeth

With the holiday season around the corner, we are all going to overindulge!

There are some sweets that are worse for our teeth. Sticky, chewy, sugar coated snacks are worse for the teeth. Even though chocolate is not good for our teeth, it will wash off of the teeth. Caramel and gummy snacks stick to the teeth longer. We do not want any of our patients to miss out on holiday treats, but we just want to help provide a guide in the right snacking direction.

With extra snacking, make sure to keep up with good oral hygiene.

  • Make sure you are brushing twice daily for two minutes each time.
  • Flossing daily helps prevent cavities in-between teeth and prevents gum inflammation.
  • Using mouthwash daily also helps remove loose bacteria from the teeth and gums.

Sherman Oaks is wishing everyone a happy holiday season! Call us to schedule your next appointment for all your dental needs (630)369-5225.

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