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Snore Guard In Naperville

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Snoring is a common condition that can affect anybody. We don’t get many patients that complain about snoring, but we do get complaints from the loved ones of the patients! When you’re asleep, snoring doesn’t bother you. It doesn’t stop you from getting the sleep you need, so you rarely think to act. The problems mainly come from your loved ones having a hard time trying to sleep. You may be sleeping like a baby, but everyone else will be covering their ears.

So, if you want to do something about your snoring - and avoid annoying the ones you love - then you’ll be pleased to know we offer a snore guards in Naperville. This is one of the best ways to combat snoring without resorting to any complicated medical procedures.

Why Do We Snore?

Before getting treatment for snoring, it helps to understand why you may suffer from this problem. Primarily, snoring is caused by parts of your airways relaxing and narrowing as you sleep. In effect, these relaxed parts start vibrating in your nose, which is what causes the loud snoring sound.

Anyone can suffer from snoring, but we find that most patients have one of the following:

Often, we recommend finding the primary cause and treating it to help solve snoring permanently. If you can make positive changes in your life, then you may resolve the issue without needing snore guards. However, there’s every chance that you will still snore. In this case, come to us to get a snore guard in Naperville that will make your evenings quiet again.

What Is A Snore Guard?

A snore guard is a particular type of mouthpiece that’s designed to help prevent the excessive relaxing of the muscles in your mouth, throat, and airways. It fits in your mouth and provides a ramp behind your lower front teeth while conforming to the top arch of your mouth. There’s a gap between the upper and lower portions that helps your tongue find a more natural position to fit in while you sleep. The end result is something that keeps your airways open and allows for uncorrupted breathing at night.

Many of our patients are cautious about getting snore guards because they can seem uncomfortable. They assume it leads to a lot of saliva and slobber, along with pain in the gums. The actual fact is that you can easily get a snore guard in Naperville that’s very comfortable. It all depends on where you get it from and how it’s made.

How Do Snore Guards Work?

These mouthpieces work by counteracting the main problem points that cause snoring. As we touched upon above, it prevents your tongue from falling into a wrong position within your mouth. If you snore, then your tongue has likely fallen to the back of your mouth, and it vibrates in your airways. A snore guard keeps it fixed into a natural position and stops it from blocking your breathing.

Not only that, but a snore guard can help bring more stability to your jaw. Many of our patients that snore will have receding jaws. When this happens, the airways become more constricted. As such, we need to push the jaw forward slightly, and a snore guard can do this. By countering this problem and keeping your jaw in its correct alignment, we can prevent snoring.

Finally, your snore guard is designed to prevent any soft tissue in your mouth from blocking the passage into your throat and airways. Again, for snorers, these tissues commonly block the passage and cause horrible bouts of noisy snoring.

Why Choose Sherman Oaks For Your Snore Guard In Naperville?

If you look online, you’ll see plenty of snore guards available. So, why should you come to us to get one? Wouldn’t it be more convenient to order it online and receive it the next day? It would, but you lose out on so much if you don’t come to us for a custom snore guard in Naperville.

The big difference is that our snore guards are custom-made. We take impressions of your mouth to help us construct the perfect mouthpiece for you. This means that it’s literally made to fit your mouth, providing you with much more comfort than any other snore guard. We have a dental lab full of qualified technicians that work to get your snore guard made as quickly as possible. You can try in the first design, and we will continue to make slight adjustments until you get the perfect fit.

The benefit of having a custom-made snore guard can’t be understated. The added comfort you receive will encourage you to use the device more often. As a consequence, you will see a better success rate because you keep using your snore guard every night. Plus, you don’t have to deal with painful mouth ulcers which are often caused by generic snore guards rubbing against your gums.

As if this wasn’t enough to convince you, all of our snore guards are designed to last many years. They’re made out of high-quality materials, and you can also adjust them whenever you want. We make them as slim as possible, too, which ensures they fit in your mouth without feeling too overbearing.

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Your snoring may not be an issue to you, but it will definitely harm your relationships with other people. It’s unfair to expect your partner to try and sleep while you’re snoring loudly next to them. So, make sure they can sleep better every night by getting a snore guard in Naperville. Don’t order one online, get it custom made.

Schedule an appointment today, and we can book you in for your initial appointment. Here, you’ll be assessed, and initial impressions can be taken. Then, we’ll book you in for a follow-up, and you’ll soon have a snore guard to prevent those noisy nights.