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Flouride Treatment In Naperville

It's important to take care of our children’s teeth if we want them to develop correctly. Also so they can avoid any painful problems later down the line. Thankfully, there are many ways you can look after your child’s teeth and maintain excellent oral health. The best thing to do is schedule regular appointments with Sherman Oaks, your family dentist. At our dental practice, we can check on your child’s teeth to ensure that everything is how it should be. If we spot the early warning signs of decay then we can use preventative measures to take action.

We provide fluoride treatments in Napervillewhich is incredibly effective as it can strengthen teeth and add protection against harmful bacteria. Now keep in mind that not all children need fluoride treatment, but we can tell you whether or not it’s necessary when you bring your child in for their appointment.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a natural mineral that has been proven to be very effective at maintaining excellent oral health. Most children will naturally have fluoride in their mouths based on what they eat & drink - and it’s also present in most toothpaste too. When fluoride levels are good, this mineral helps protect the teeth against dental decay, while it can also reverse the signs of decay early on as well. Effectively, it works by concentrating inside the tooth and hardens the tooth enamel.

Low fluoride levels can be dangerous because your child can develop cavities - along with having teeth that are generally much weaker than they should be. Keep in mind that a lot of drinking water contains fluoride, but this alone isn’t always enough to give your children the fluoride they need. Using a fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash is an excellent first step, but sometimes they need some extra help from their dentist.

How Does A Fluoride Treatment Work?

It’s becoming more and more common for young children to show a lack of fluoride in their teeth. Mainly, this is because of the things they eat. By eating too many sugary or acidic foods, it causes erosion and decay in their teeth. This creates plaque, which is bacteria that’s hardened on the tooth’s surface. This plaque is known to eat away all the minerals that should be naturally present on a tooth - including fluoride.

This is where our fluoride treatment in Naperville comes into play. In essence, we provide a little boost of fluoride for your child. This gives them some added protection against decay while ensuring their teeth form correctly and maintain their structural integrity.

The treatment works by using fluoride foam. It comes in different flavors, and we make sure all of their teeth are coated. They keep the foam in their mouth for a few minutes to allow the flouride to bond to their teeth. From there we will take the flouride out of their mouth and give their teeth a rinse.

After this treatment their fluoride levels have been replenished, meaning they can fight decay and maintain healthy teeth for longer!

Who Needs A Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments are only necessary for some children. We strongly advise that you schedule your child an appointment with our friendly and experienced Naperville family dentist, Dr. Weyneth for a check-up. Here, we can check their teeth to see if there are any troubling signs.

If we notice that their teeth seem weaker than usual or have signs of decay, then we will provide a fluoride treatment for them. We can apply fluoride to baby and permenant teeth - both can benefit from it.

However, we won’t suggest this treatment if your child has healthy teeth that show signs of normal fluoride levels. While not getting enough fluoride is bad, getting too much is also a problem. Children with ultra-high fluoride levels experience white spots on their teeth, so Dr. Weyneth will check for that as well when they come in for their appointment.

What Can Your Child Expect During The Treatment?

As we’ve mentioned, our fluoride treatment in Naperville is pretty straightforward. But, here’s a more detailed rundown of what happens when you bring your child to their appointment.

We start with a standard oral examination. From here, we carry out some dental cleaning to ensure all the teeth and gums are free from bacteria. Essentially, this primes the teeth ready for the fluoride application.

The next step is getting the fluoride in their mouth, and we have an easy way of doing this. As was mentioned above we use special trays that are lined with fluoride foam. We use child-friendly foam that’s proven to work, and we offer lots of delicious flavors to keep them happy. The trays slide gently into their mouth, they bite down, and wait for a few minutes. Five minutes is all it usually takes for the fluoride to settle in.

After this, we take the trays out and let your child spit out any excess foam and give their mouth a rinse. Now, they can go home and enjoy the rest of their day! However, we strongly advise that they avoid eating or drinking for at least an hour after the treatment. This allows the fluoride to properly adhere to their teeth.

Why Visit A Dentist For Fluoride Treatment?

Yes, fluoride is available in toothpaste and your child should brush with it twice per day. But, you should see a dentist for fluoride treatment if your child isn’t getting enough from their toothpaste or food alone. Plus, we provide carefully calculated amounts of fluoride to ensure that your child doesn’t get too much.

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If you want to look after your child’s teeth and prevent decay, then book an appointment with Sherman Oaks today. We offer some of the best fluoride treatments in Naperville, and our practice is full of friendly staff that will make your child feel at ease. If you take action early on, then you can prevent many dental problems that they might face in the future. Call us now, or fill in a form on our website to book an appointment today!