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Why You Should Own and Use a Tongue Scraper Daily

girl using a tongue scraper

Use a tongue scraper for great oral health

Most people know that brushing and flossing daily are the key components in maintaining good oral health.  But did you know your tongue’s taste buds are similar to small finger-like projections which can trap a lot of bacteria? And did you know that this trapped bacteria can cause bad breath or lead to other health issues? Excess bacteria on the tongue can affect your immune system. This is why we always recommend that people at least brush their tongue after brushing their teeth. Unfortunately, some tongues need a little extra help! Enter – our recommendation of a tool called the tongue scraper. A gentle tongue scraper can remove more bacteria than your toothbrush can. A tongue scraper is a great oral hygiene tool! It:

  • removes bacteria and excess growth of bacteria on the top of the tongue
  • prevents bad breath and rids bad breath by removing bacteria that causes bad breath
  • aids in digestion. Bad bacteria can block your taste buds! By removing this bad bacteria, you will be able to taste your food better thus aiding digestion.
  • helps your overall dental health and immune system by getting rid of toxic bacteria

If you need a recommendation or would like help finding the best tongue scraper for you, please call us at Sherman Oaks Dental Naperville at (630) 369-5225 today.

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