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Whitening My Teeth? Can I?

Naperville Teeth WhiteningWhitening your teeth makes a great smile! A great smile makes a great impression!

Teeth whitening has advanced over the last couple years. Now most people make great candidates for whitening. Your Naperville dentist offers:

  1. Boost in-office whitening
  2. At home custom tray whitening

Whitening can help to blend color variances in teeth, promote better oral hygiene, help the gums and increase confidence. Our Boost in-office whitening takes only one hour of your time. On average, teeth brighten four to eight shades. The results vary with all patients due to natural teeth being different colors.

With spring around the corner, let us brighten your teeth and your day! Call Sherman Oaks Dental Naperville today with any questions or to schedule your whitening at (630) 369-5225!

Sherman Oaks Dental Naperville, Illinois has been providing family dental care for patients from Naperville, Wheaton, Lisle and surrounding Chicago areas for over two decades.

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