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How do we manage mouth sores at Sherman Oaks Dental in Naperville?

The Odyssey Diode Laser!

The Odyssey Laser is the latest laser dental technology available for soft tissue(gums) and preventative care. Our patients benefits include less pain and discomfort during the healing phase after their treatment.

Without the need of injected anesthetics, soft tissue is vaporized and modified without bleeding. The diode is safe, no x-rays. And the resulting laser wound is self-sealing. There is no suturing required. Because there are no scalpel incisions or charring associated with elctrosurge techniques, there is a very low chance of infection.

Lasers are the most precise, least traumatic, and will heal with less post-operative pain than any other technique. Find out more about the Laser at:

Mouth sores do not have to be traumatic, painful and long-lasting.  Call our office, 630 369-5225 to schedule an appointment and treat your painful mouth sores.

Dr. Bryan Weyneth, DDS for Sherman Oaks Dental, Naperville, IL
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