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The Sound of Snoring or The Sound of Silence: Which would you choose?

If you could chose to sleep in a snore-free room every night would you?  Snoring is joked about continually, but people forget snoring is a deadly and dangerous medical condition.

Here is my list of 7 Dangers of Snoring You Need to Know!

  1. Odds are snorers have: a 40% chance of an increase in hypertension, 34% chance of having a heart attack, and a 67% chance of having a stroke.
  2. One-half of all patients that snore have OBSTRUCTIVE APNEA. Even mild apnea causes oxygen starvation to your brain and increases the risk of death.
  3. Snoring can produce over 100 awakenings each hour, resulting in fatigue, decreased concentration and excessive sleepiness!
  4. Habitual Snoring has a negative affect on relationships.
  5. Apnea is frequently misdiagnosed and treated as depression. Snorers with apnea events are 20% more likely to become depressed.
  6. Snorers who suffer from apnea double their chance of being involved in a car crash.
  7. Many children with sleep disorders associated with snoring are mistakenly diagnosed with ADHD or ADD.

 If you’re snoring now, or your bed partner is snoring, what is stopping you from seeking treatment?

Snoring sufferers now have options.  Consider Oral Appliance Therapy to treat your sleep apnea.

7 Advantages of Using an Oral Appliance:

  1. FDA approved.
  2. Physician Recommended.
  3. Comfortable.
  4. Convenient.
  5. Effective Treatment.
  6. Easily Transportable.
  7. Professionally Fit to Each Individual.

Don’t waste another night of snoring, consult with your physician and let him/her know your concerns. Call my office – 1-800 Snoring (in Northern Illinois) or 630 369-5508 and Stop snoring now!

Dr. Lydia Sosenko, Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine

Founder of Dental Sleep and TMD Center of Illinois
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