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The Second most common Question Dr. Weyneth is asked about? Teeth Whitening!!

It’s True, so many whitening products are available on the market, it’s hard to decide which is best for you!

Dr. Weyneth, of Naperville, Illinois, helps his patients make the best decision dependant upon each patients individual needs.  The systems typiccally are made of two types of whitening agents, carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide.  These will be provided in different concentrations.

There are also many different delivery systems for whitening your teeth.  There are strips, stock trays, custom trays, paint ons and direct application. The products have many different trademark names, however, this is not the most significant for results.  It is critical that the solution is near neutral pH and will not damage the tooth structureSome products may contain abrasives that can wear your tooth enamel.

The remaining safe tooth whitening products will all accomplis the desired results.

Differences of Tooth Whitening Products

  • The Delivery System
  • The Concentration of Solutions
  • Patient Tooth Characteristics
  • Time

How do you achieve the fastest results?  In the office with multiple  changes of solution, typically with light application.  These in-office systems insure all tooth surfaces are equally in contact with the solution, producing an even whitening  result.

The next approach?  Custom trays made to fit the patients teeth.  The patient typically applies the solution at home for 1-2 weeks to achieve the desired result.

Other options?  Over-the-counter methods, including strips, pencils, or stock trays.  The difficulty in these systems is insuring complete coverage of all tooth surfaces with equal concentrations of solutions.  Solutions are also in a lower concentrations.  This will increase the time period necessary for achieving desired results.

Whitening can be successful in all the above applications.  At Sherman Oaks Dental, I  help our patients achieve  custom results based on each individual patients needs.  Over-the-counter products can be less predictible.  Also, I will provide an assessment of the patients teeth to determin if whitening should be attempted.  Existing resorations, gum disease, broken teeth, and root exposure are some of the conditions that should be assessed prior to undergoing a whitening procedure.  At Sherman Oaks Dental, we’ll help you whiten your teeth, achieve a brighter smile, but most of all, be safe!

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