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Are You Stressed? Are You Clenching Your Teeth?

clenching your teeth because of stress

Are you clenching your teeth because you are stressed?

When we are stressed, we tend to take it out on our jaw by clenching our teeth. Not a good thing! Clenching and grinding your teeth when you are stressed:

  • Causes pain
  • Ruins teeth
  • Costs money

Clenching your teeth causes pain. It can cause you headaches and pain in your neck and jaw.

Clenching your teeth ruins teeth. Over time, It can actually grind your teeth down making them shorter. Even worse, clenching and grinding your teeth can cause teeth to break. If a tooth breaks at the line, restoration of that tooth may not be possible.

Clenching your teeth costs money. It can affect the nerves of your teeth. The nerve of the tooth is the life source of the tooth. It causes excessive trauma to the nerves of your teeth bringing about inflammation and infection. Infection in the nerve of a tooth may bring about the need for root canal treatment. Root canals are costly.

Fortunately, at Sherman Oaks Dental, we can help prevent the pain, ruined teeth and expense caused by clenching your teeth. Call us today at (630) 369-5225. Schedule a comprehensive exam or comprehensive jaw examination to prevent what happens when you are clenching your teeth because you are stressed.

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