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New Help for Insomnia

Many insomniacs also suffer from apnea, but sleep labs rarely address this disorder. While some patients have found assistance through traditional medicinal therapies, cures for insomnia have eluded patients and physicians. More and more people have become aware of the problem and its frequency today. Traditional medicinal therapies have assisted some patients, but every insomnia patient is different. Cognitive therapy based approaches show the most promise for long-term effectiveness. The Personal Health Monitoring Corporation has combined expertise in physiology, behavior, and technology to provide Somnio, an internet-based approach to cognitive/behavioral therapy that shows promise to cure insomnia. Patients provide information and sleep-lab information provides feedback that assists the distance therapist who can then give advice, and monitor changes in sleep patterns. Patients electronically complete sleep diaries and answers to questionnaires driven by their responses. Patients can enter the information from home at their convenience. The process typically involves one session a week for eight weeks. The therapist can then provide information to help a patient improve their sleep environment, sleep patterns, behaviors and discuss challenges and belief patterns. Early results from the program developers report at least an 80% cure rate.

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