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Is Diet Soda Better for My Teeth?

People often choose diet soda versus regular soda for the diet effect but is this helping or hurting your teeth?

Cold glass with cola and ice cubes

Unfortunately, diet soda is not better for the teeth. When we put something sweet into our mouth, the body still produces acid as a by-product. What the acid production can do to the mouth is wear the teeth. In addition, most diet sodas are flavored with citric acid. This acid can also wear the teeth. We recommend to all patients to reduce all soda in-take. If you drink soda, we recommend drinking it through a straw and always rinsing your mouth with water afterwards. Also, we recommend to never sip soda throughout the day, this is like bathing your mouth in acid. A better time to drink soda is with a meal. At Sherman Oaks, we also have all natural products that help to prevent acid wear. Ask you hygienist or doctor which products are best for you (630)369-5225.

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