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Improving Your Smile Will Help You Interview with Confidence

With so many people searching for jobs with our current economy, first impressions may be invaluable for a successful interviewing.

Sherman Oaks Dental Can Help You Create and Achieve a Beautiful Smile!


First impressions are often based on appearance, and a person’s smile is a one of your strongest components of that first impression.  Not only can a “bad smile” lead to a poor confidence factor during a potential employee’s interview, the potential employer may consciously or subconsciously consider it as a negative factor.  On the other hand, a beautiful smile can increase one’s confidence as well as provide a great lasting impression over other applicants.

So before you start your interview process you may want to look at a mirror and smile wide? Make sure you also look from the side with use of an extra hand mirror reflecting off a larger one.  Many people forget that when they look dead on at themselves, they are actually limiting how much another person can see —the further sides of teeth from the middle of the face are usually not seen by looking directly.

Then ask yourself:

  • Are your teeth as bright as they can be?
  • Any visible dark old fillings?
  • Are there any spaces that are very distracting?
  • Is your level of gum making your teeth look too small?

If all of the above were “no” then consider these tips to help you interview:

1.  Don’t forget to brush and floss and your regular routine.
2.  Don’t eat right before the interview.
3.  Don’t smoke. Smoking adds stains and many non-smokers find the lingering smell to be extremely offensive.
4.  Avoid chewing gum during your interview. Consider having a mint on your way if you are concerned about your breath.
5.  And don’t forget to SMILE! Not smiling may make you appear unfriendly and uncaring.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions smile questions, call our office 630 – 369-5225 and ask for us to send you our Smile Enhancement Menu which covers a wide range of options to achieve a ‘knock out smile’!  And don’t forget to visit our website:  napervilledentistry.comto find out more about the many options Dr. Sosenko and Dr. Weyneth can offer to you to give you that extra boost of confidence!

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