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How They Did It: The Biggest Loser’s Best Share Their Secrets!

By Rochell D. Thomas
Here we turn to the minted diet experts from NBC’s The
Biggest Loser for free advice. And why not? After all, under the guidance of the show’s ace team of doctors and
physical trainers,  many contestants lose more than 100 pounds in eight months — without surgery. Even more impressive, is that some of  those people did it at home with no help from super trainers Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels, so they must be doing something right. If dropping a few is on your list of New Year’sresolutions, consider the following:

Eat five or six small meals a day /
Amy Hildreth, lost 106 pounds-

Most of the BL3 dieters eat six or seven 300-calorie small meals each day because, as Hildreth learned, “You have to eat to lose.” “That was something that I never quite wrapped my head around before,” she says. “I thought when you’re hungry that means you’re losing weight. But that’s not the case. You need to keep your body fueled to continually lose and to have the energy to work out and perpetuate the cycle.”

Keep count / Jaron Tate, lost 160
“Know how many calories your body needs and how many calories you’re
actually stuffing into your mouth,” says Tate, who now eats 1,800 to 2,000 calories per day. “A quarter-pounder with cheese is 850 calories. A large apple [which weighs about the same] is 100. And if you’re having a salad, put salsa on it instead of ranch.” Two tablespoons of ranch dressing:
220 calories. Salsa: 20.

Ginnie Borque, lost 114 pounds-

“I do a lot of little things,” says Borque, one of the 36 Biggest Loser at Home dieters. “I don’t like coffee without sugar and cream, so I switched to tea. I started carrying water bottles wherever I go, traded cocktails for Diet Coke, and I fill up on broccoli instead of French fries.”

Stop the excuses and start making SMALL changes that can change your life!

In our next blog, we’ll tell you how our staff at Sherman  Oaks Dental in Naperville, Illinois, has stopped making excuses and started making both LARGE and small changes in our lives!


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