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How Our Naperville Dentist Saves You Time with One Visit Crowns

Cerec Crowns
Time seems so precious these days with all of our commitments: family, work, after school activities, and so on. It’s often difficult to find just the right time to come in for dental work that can often help prevent future more costly treatment necessities.

A crown or ‘dental cap’ may be recommended at a routine dental visit to restore a tooth to a healthier and stronger state. There are several reasons that a crown may have been recommended.

Most common reasons for recommending a crown include:

  1. To restore a damaged tooth from some trauma
  2. To protect a tooth base that has fractured and weakened areas
  3. To restore a tooth that has a cavity
  4. To improve a tooth’s appearance

Traditional therapy for making crowns involves tooth preparation, impressions (molds), a temporary construction, and a temporary cementation followed by a 2nd visit.  At the 2nd visit, the temporary crown is removed; the permanent restoration (crown) is tried on, and permanently cemented.

With our Naperville dental practice’s Cerec High Technology system, Dr. Weyneth successfully treats most crowns in one visit, saving TIME as well as the discomfort that may arise with a temporary in place. Also, there is a piece of mind that proves invaluable knowing that you don’t have to worry about a temporary being dislodged while waiting several weeks for the permanent crown to come in from a laboratory.

The Cerec one-visit crown system also eliminates the need for the molds or impressions phase of this treatment. Optical ‘impressions’ from a  ‘camera’ type instrument is used to formulate a very precise image of the prepared tooth.  From this image a custom crown is constructed during your visit and cemented directly onto the tooth base. No return visit is necessary.

If you would like to start the new year fresh by completing a recommended crown treatment early on, or interested in learning more about our high technology CREREC one visit crown procedure, visit our Naperville dental practice, or call us at 630-369-5225. Dr. Weyneth and his team have been treating patients in Naperville, Wheaton, Aurora, Lisle and surrounding area successfully for over 15 years.

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