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Drowsy Driving Week Nov. 2 – 9

Please stay tuned to our blog this week as we share with our readers the truth about Drowsy Driving.

Our first celebrity,  drowsy driver:  Alex Trebek.

Please follow this link: Drowsy-Driving-Facts to the National Sleep Foundation to get the 2010 Facts on Drowsy Driving.

1550 Deaths, 71,000 accidents.

Help Reduce these numbers.

Get the Sleep You Need, Every Night.

What are some telltale signs that you are not getting enough sleep?

• Loud snoring more than 4 times per week
• Being told you gasp for air during sleep
• Daytime drowsiness
• Waking with a headache
• A large neck – 17”+ in men, 16”+ in women
• High blood pressure

Do you wake up every morning fully rested and ready to start your day?

Millions of Americans do not get the sleep they need; in fact, 40 million Americans suffer from over 70 different sleep disorders.

The first signs of lack of sleep:

  • Irritability
  • Moodiness
  • Reduced Inhibition

If you do not act upon these first warning signs, your symptoms will become more severe.

A few signs of continued lack of sleep:

  • Lapse in attention
  • Dozing off during activity: work, reading and even driving
  • Impaired Memory
  • Apathy

You may notice forgetfulness and irritability, but you may not notice the hidden signs.  These signs are life-threatening, including: hypertension and increased risk of strokes, weight-gain, erectile dysfunction and much more.

What can you do to help yourself get the sleep you need? Set a sleep pattern for yourself and get yourself into a regular sleep routine.  Start with the minimum of 7 hours for a consecutive week.  If you awake unrested, add 30 minutes each night until you notice your alertness return.

If you are getting a full nights sleep and STILL wake unrefreshed and fatigued throughout the day, you may be suffering from a sleep disorder. Please, consult with your physician and let him know you are concerned.

Dr. Sosenko is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and the founder of Dental Sleep Medicine of Illinois.  She offers snoring and apnea sufferer’s relief through professional oral appliance device therapy. Visit for more information.

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