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Dr. Lydia Sosenko And Dr. Bryan Weyneth, Team Up With Chicago Bears Photographer To Support Children In Cambodia

For several years, Dr. Sosenko and Dr. Weyneth have been delighted to support the Naperville community through baseball teams, swim teams, toys for tots fundraising, and various other local organizations.  Recently, though, they have added their support across the nation to the children of Cambodia.

How did two Naperville dentists become involved in Cambodia?  The two Sherman Oaks Doctors recently attended an education seminar with keynote speaker Bill Smith, the professional photographer for the Chicago Bulls, Bears and Blackhawks.   Mr. Smith spoke about his visits to Cambodia dating back to 2002.  While he spoke about the horrific conditions of these children’s lives, photos he has taken over the years flashed on the back screen.  The audience of dentists was in tears to witness the lives these young children lead, every day.  Pictures showed half-naked, emaciated, sore-covered children standing among mountains of garbage in burning heat and sunlight.  As Mr. Smith continued his presentation, he focused on how he couldn’t turn his back on these children.  He continues to this day to visit Cambodia and see first hand what his own foundation, A New Day Cambodia, brings to this devastated country.

Dr. Sosenko spoke with us recently about the experience.  “After viewing these pictures and holding back tears, Bryan and I knew this would be a wonderful way for our practice to help children across the world.  We can’t wait to see the pictures Bill takes of the children we are helping.  I strongly urge other people and business to consider sponsoring a child truly in need.  And everyone can do this for as little as $50 a month.  Think of the lives you can help save!”  You can visit A New Day Cambodia at their website,, to view the amazing photos of the children of Cambodia.

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