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Does the Cold Winter Air Hurt Your Teeth?

Are your teeth Sensitive to Hot and Cold?  You’re not Alone!

At least 45 million adults in the U.S. suffer from sensitive teeth.  It’s one of the most common complaints among dental patients.  The pain can be caused by hot or cold that seeps into microscopic cracks in your teeth.  These cracks are the results of years of expansion and contraction caused by temperature extremes.  In some cases, though, it hot and cold sensitivity is due to a recession of your gums.  As gums recede, the root of your teeth are exposed, and this results in pain in the tooth.  At Sherman Oaks Dental, we can now help solve this gum recession sensitivity!!!

First, come in to our Naperville office and let Dr. Sosenko or Dr. Weyneth take a look at your teeth.  They will first be sure the pain is in fact caused by recession.  Next, they will “paint” on your teeth a desensitizing agent.  This agent will help coat your tooth to allow you to enjoy  hot and cold food and drinks without the pain of exposed roots.

Let us help you live without the pain and discomfort of sensitive teeth.  Our office staff is ready to take your appointment!

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