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What is the difference between a dental “cap” and a “crown”?

Crown SODOver the years providing dental care to our family of patients, I often hear the confusion when discussing these dental terms. For the most part dental “caps” and “crowns” are synonymous, and mean the same thing.

A dental crown is often made of a very strong covering material that looks like a tooth and is cemented over a tooth base. The tooth base needs to be shaped a particular way, removed of weakened tooth structure, as well as cleared free of any decay (cavities).

There are several ways that these dental crowns are made. During a one-visit CAD/CAM type of crown service, that same day, a new crown is bonded or ‘cemented’ onto the tooth. In a traditional or non- CAD/CAM crown procedure, a temporary “cap” is made. Several weeks later, the patient comes in, the temporary is removed, and the new custom crown is cemented onto the tooth base.

How Our Naperville Dentist Saves You Time with One Visit Crowns

If you would like to start the new year fresh by completing a recommended crown treatment early on, or interested in learning more about our high technology CREREC, one visit crown procedure, visit our Naperville dental practice, or call us at 630-369-5225. Dr. Weyneth and his team have been treating patients in Naperville, Wheaton, Aurora, Lisle and surrounding area successfully for over 15 years.

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