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Dental Visits Do Not Have to be Pain. They Can be Pain-free!

Pain-free dentist

Sherman Oaks Dental provides pain-free dental care

Commonly in public, you hear the chatter of a person complaining about going to the dentist. At Sherman Oaks Dental Naperville, we try to be the exception. Our staff is highly trained to provide virtually pain-free care. Dr. Bryan Weyneth and our hygienists are constantly researching the newest and best products to provide exceptional care to our patients.

Our hygienists use needle-free numbing for all scaling procedures. Our Oraqix numbing gel is inserted below the gumline and lasts only while the procedure is being completed. This allows the hygienist to perform comfortable deeper cleanings.

A Dental Wand provides a very different numbing experience. Dr. Weyneth can numb a single tooth or teeth with virtually no pain using the Wand. The numbing will last during the whole procedure making your experience very comfortable. The Wand prevents numbing the cheek and lip. Immediately following your dental treatment, you are able to eat.

Patient comfort is our number one priority. We provide warm neck wraps for our adult patients, neck pillows, blankets and music of your choice. If there is anything that would make your dental visit more enjoyable at Sherman Oaks, please let us know. To make your next relaxing and pain-free visit at Sherman Oaks Dental, call (630) 369-5225.

Sherman Oaks Dental Naperville, Illinois has been providing family dental care for patients from Naperville, Wheaton, Lisle and Chicago surrounding areas for over two decades.

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