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Is That Cold Sore Coming on Again?

Are you tired of treating cold sores with pills or creams? We have a great new alternative for you. We have a new laser treatment that can speed healing in half the time.

Not only can cold sores cause pain and discomfort for several days, they are so noticeable, they can be embarrassing. Although living with cold sores can be a hassle, treating them does not have to be. Remember, they are caused by a virus and are considered a medical condition.

We are happy to announce that having just one laser treatment can speed the healing of these unsightly, uncomfortable sores. It is best to treat the cold sore when you first feel one coming on, usually you feel a tingly sensation. The laser is used on a low power setting, nothing even comes in contact with your lip and the treatment is completed in just a few minutes. You do not feel anything while the laser is being used, but often the tingly sensation is gone right away.

Just ask our Office Administrator, Cathy, she has had this treatment done several times and she can attest to its results. So, if you feel a cold sore coming on, remember to call our office today at 630.369.5225.

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