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75% less radiation with our new DIGITAL X Rays


An Office Opperatory, Clean, Comfortable, Safe.

An Office Opperatory, Clean, Comfortable, Safe.

Safety Comes First

 Our Naperville dental office is a very safe place to be.  We’re committed to providing our family of patients the most up-to-date in dental technology.

We are pleased to announce that we now are using Digital x-rays, offering our patients more than 75% less radiation than traditional dental x rays.

Not only do digital x rays offer lower radiation, they also are time-saving to our patients.  There is less wait time for x rays to develop, creating faster appointments to get our patients back to their everyday activities.

What other safety precautions do we take?

Our high-tech Sterilization Center is vital to our daily operation. We use environmentally safe products.  We follow stringent sterilization and instrument protocols.  After all, we work here daily and protecting you also means protecting us.

 We’ll be happy to show you the many precautions we have in place, and answer any of your questions.  Your safety, comfort and health are our highest priorities.
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